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Tops has established an excellent reputation for its comprehensive and competitively priced range of greenhouses with many orders received by recommendation. We supply both aluminium greenhouses and timber greenhouses from British manufacturers that are recognised for their designs and quality of workmanship.

Come and see us at our large display centre and we can show you the different kinds of greenhouses that we have.

We are open 7 days a week so there’s always someone available to help you. We also have an extensive range of sheds which includes additional possibilities such as garden greenhouse sheds and potting sheds.

We offer a base laying and greenhouse installation service too, including brick-laying for dwarf wall greenhouses, so you can always be sure of a first class result, or if you prefer we can just deliver one of our greenhouse kits for you to assemble. We also provide an excellent greenhouse maintenance and repair service.

Our superior aluminium greenhouses include those suitable for dwarf wall greenhouses. There are many different shapes and sizes available to suit your greenhouse gardening needs. Design options include rectangular, square, octagonal, lean-to, and dwarf wall.

We offer a choice of finishes besides plain aluminium (silver colour or mill finish), such as white aluminium greenhouses, and the popular green aluminium greenhouse finish.

Due to the improvements in the strength of materials used in metal greenhouses many of our models have also been engineered to do away with the crossbars you may have seen above doorways, giving safer exit and entry for the taller gardeners amongst us.

Our range of maintenance-free cedar greenhouses are also available in a similar range of shapes and sizes including traditional dwarf wall and traditional lean-to designs. Alton’s cedar greenhouses are made using only the best western red cedar which doesn’t shrink, swell or warp excessively, and is virtually immune to decay. It also has excellent insulating qualities and is naturally repellent to moths, insects and vermin.

Alton also makes a beautiful and functional range of Victorian greenhouses with elegant tall windows and steep 45° pitched roofs that are often seen taking centre stage in picturesque gardens.

We carry the full range of greenhouses available from the UK’s leading manufacturers including Robinsons Greenhouses, Halls Greenhouses, Eden Greenhouses, Alton Greenhouses and Elite Greenhouses.

Robinsons, Halls, Eden, Alton, Elite

Tops has supplied greenhouses and garden buildings to thousands of satisfied customers in the Sussex area for over 15 years. We offer a full service with expertise that goes way beyond the internet-only retailers that have cut down customer service just so they can slash prices. We can install your greenhouse for you so you don’t have to worry about how it should be assembled, with guaranteed results.

We take great care and pride in our work and feel confident you will find a product suitable for your needs when you visit our display centre. We’re open 7 days a week and have plenty of free parking.

Our sales team can discuss your ideas with you and recommend something suitable for your requirements. However one of our main tips for helping you with your choice of greenhouse size is to consider going for a wider greenhouse design that will provide you with an improved entrance for easy wheelbarrow and wheelchair access. This then gives you better options for extending your greenhouse lengthways at a later date if you need more space - expanding widthways isn’t so easy!

Octagonal greenhouses have a compact footprint that can maximise the potential of limited space and make a more attractive alternative to using plastic mini greenhouses.

A lean-to greenhouse is handy if you are looking for a sheltered growing space close to your house. This has the added benefit that the side flanked by your exterior wall effectively acts as a radiator, warming up during the day and slowly releasing heat into your greenhouse at night.

We also sell greenhouse spares and all those essential greenhouse supplies. Our range of greenhouse accessories includes wooden greenhouse staging that you can use as a potting bench or worktable, greenhouse heaters, greenhouse misting systems, greenhouse fans, plant grow lights and cold frames.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more.